Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Getting Ranked On Google...It's A Difficult Task

 Search Engine Optimization is one of those things that all business owners know what it is, but don't know how to actually get it done...and probably don't even know where to start. Putting themselves in a disadvantage for online traffic and rankings will only hurt the overall business.

There are plenty of ways to help your Google rankings by doing some aspects yourself, but our Plano SEO friends advised us that it's best to leave it to the professionals. 

Just because you are optimizing a few small elements of your online presence, will normally not equal a higher SEO ranking. And sometimes, it can actually have the opposite effect if you aren't operating properly.

A digital agency like our partners have, combine a lot of different techniques with a lot of different areas of SEO. This all combined is what helps them get their clients to the top spot on Google. A vital element for small and local businesses. 

There is no shortage of digital marketers, but unfortunately in this world of technology it's easy to pay for a service that you are not actually getting. 

Be hesitant of overseas agencies promising you the top spot in the search engines. And just because you find someone local, make sure you get a detailed proposal to know what you will be paying for. Too often business start monthly SEO plans (SEO is definitely an ongoing, and monthly service) because they are told everything will be done behind the scenes. While accurate, months later that agency slows down the work, isn't adding proper backlinks, etc. All while charging the customer the same monthly cost.


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