Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Limousine or Party Bus?

 It's still a difficult time with a sense of an unknown future around COVID-19. Some industries are thriving, and some have slowed to a crawl. Literally.

The limousine industry is starting to pick back up, as more people are back at work, in school, etc. There are still plenty of reason why someone may need a limo for a special occasion. It's still wedding season, so if you have your special scheduled, or had it pushed back from early summer to accommodate guests because of the's not too late to get a limousine reserved.

A party bus is not only a good option for your wedding party, but a great option for your guests that may have to be shuttled to and from the wedding venue.

Rest assured, if a limo company is operating currently, they are working under strict guidelines to ensure cleanliness and the safety of its riders.

Our Frisco Limo Now friends, have gone to extra lengths to provide cleaning of their vehicles on a daily basis, with a focus on cleaning the inside of the vehicle between trips (after drop off/before pickup).

So bring your masks, and book your ride with confidence. The small and local limousine businesses rely on you and your bookings!

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