Friday, September 11, 2020

Summer Is Coming To An End, But That Doesn't Mean Your Roof Is Safe

 It's a pretty well known fact that Spring through Summer is normally the best time for severe weather to potentially damage your roof. So is your roof safe now until next year?

Well, you'll definitely need to remember to constantly check for any wear and tear. Two months ago you may not have been aware that you had a few shingles missing and a minimal leak. But now after the last storm it's turned into an actual issue that could cause serious damage to your roof and home the next time it rains.

The last thing you need is to not be aware of a leak in your attic, that then turns into a HUGE issue has the leak continue down the structure.

You'll still be getting storms throughout the year, so it's vital that small damage is taken care of. It will of course depend on your location. Our friends in the North or locations that will receive snow fall, need to remember that snow will sometimes sit on your roof. Adding extra weight to the structure and at some point will melt off.

Contact your local roofing company such as roofing San Antonio for more advice and tips on what to look out for that may cause more damage.

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