Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Gutters 101

 Adding a new gutter system to your home  should be a pretty simple task. It's not a normal household project that you probably think of very often, but it's important nonetheless. Whether you're building a new home or just having an older system replaced. A gutter system is a vital piece of your structure to provide proper water drainage off of your roof, and away from the house.

Gutters come in various types of materials, along with various pricing. Most roofers or gutter professionals should charge by the linear square foot, but smaller companies may be able to help work around your budget. $3-$6 per linear square foot is the normal average price you can expect, according from Gutters Tyler TX.

The most common type of gutters you will normally see are made from aluminum. It's pretty durable and probably the best option when it comes to price. Galvanized steel is another popular option. They are stronger and more durable than aluminum, but can also rust over time so not always the best long term option. Copper is the new stylish option that can be used for your gutters. They look really cool, but also the most expensive option. And depending on your area will probably lose the copper color and turn into a dark brown.

The main thing you may want to consider now is seamless vs sectional. Traditional gutters are built in sections, which require special sealant to prevent leaks. And the sealant should also be replaced every so often to prevent damage.

Seamless gutters on the other hand are definitely the new "thing." Although they require a certain professional installer, it's the way to go.

Contact your local roofing company and talk to them about gutters in your area. Some regions will have different things to discuss. A lot of companies will also suggest gutter guards to help prevent debris from clogging up your gutters. Cleaning gutters isn't always a fun task, but it's better than having them clogged and having water damage!

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